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Gentle Yoga for Healthy Knees & Hips DVD


led by E-RYT500 Gentle Yoga Teacher, Justine Shelton

2-DVD Set! Essential Yoga Movements for Therapy and Rehabilitation of Your Joints

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Product Description

Bony misalignment, dysfunctional movement patterns and joint compression can all contribute to pain in the joints. The whole body is connected, so when there is dysfunction and/or asymmetry in the joints of the legs it will have an effect in other areas of the body. This DVD will guide you through safe, effective poses to help relieve pain and bring mobility to your knees and hips.

About Justine:

Justine Shelton is Certified Viniyoga Therapist and an E-RYT500 Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She is a former collegiate basketball player and came to yoga to help heal her various injuries. She is a graduate at the 500 hour level of the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI) under the direction of Gary Kraftsow, and holds the distinction of AVI Certified Teacher. AVI (www.vinyoga.com) is a leader in the emerging field of Yoga Therapy. For more info, visit www.YogaWithJustine.com.


Great for Athletes, Seniors, Arthritis Sufferers and Anyone suffering from limited and/or painful joint movements. These yoga stretches will help create freedom of movement in the hips and knees so that you can feel better! This 2-Set DVD series offers:

Alignment Principles

– practice these principles and counteract misalignment or dysfunction in the leg joints


Joint Stabilization

– strengthen and de-compress joints to help ease pain


Flexibility and Mobility

– lubricate joints with synovial fluid and strengthen muscles that support your joints

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