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Gentle Yoga for Every Body DVD

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with Marjorie Old, RYT Gentle Yoga Teacher

Our #1 Best Seller to the National Public Library System! For Flexibility, Strength & Balance.  60 Minutes – Retail Price: $29.95

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If you think you’re too big, too tight, or not athletic enough to do Yoga, a regular dose of Yoga for Every Body can help you build your strength, increase your range of motion, and make your body feel good! You aren’t “too” anything for Yoga when you work to where your body is today. And tomorrow you might find you can do a little bit more than you did today!

“As a veteran of back pain and spinal surgeries, Marjorie Old has a deep understanding of how to adapt yoga to fit the constraints of age, weight, stiffness, or disability.” As Reviewed by the National Public Library Organization


* DVD Chapters Include:

Upper Body Stretches and Twists

– To unwind your body and de-stress your mind, while you warm up your body.

Supporting Your Center

– If you’ve become sedentary, chances are your core has been ignored. Through gentle, easy-to-do postures you can increase your physical center – your core – and support your life center – your heart.

Strong Foundation

– Balance gives us a strong foundation for whatever type of activity you enjoy…and it helps you feel young!

Modifications for all Sizes


– Pose modifications are provided so that movement is comfortable, supportive and beneficial to everyone!


About Marjorie:

After years of back pain and two spinal surgeries, Marjorie found that her body was aging faster than her mind – she was often in pain and didn’t feel strong and balanced enough to have the active life she wanted. After strengthening her spine, improving her balance, and the bonus of gaining confidence in her body through Yoga, she embarked on the life path of sharing these benefits with others and became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Marjorie’s dream is to share her love of Yoga well into her 90’s and beyond, and to help others appreciate the body they have today.

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