Meditations for the Warrior

Collection of Guided Meditations created by a group of Yoga Teachers in Southern California.

Spearheaded by the wife of a sailor stationed in the Mideast, who rallied her yoga troops to offer a bit of respite in the daily life of our military personnel.... these meditations are our love and peace offerings to everyone!

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In this project, we sought out the expert advice of Richard Miller, who created the iRest Yoga Nidra program specifically designed for military personnel. Our desire is that Richard's iRest program, along with all the selected meditations on this compilation, will offer soldiers in the field powerful transformative practices derived from the ancient teachings of meditation that induce deep relaxation and healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Special Thanks to:

  • FCCM Adam Gregory USN and his troops
  • Richard Miller and the Integrative Restoration Institute -
  • Recorded by David Cole. Edited and Mixed by David Cole of Noise in the Attic Studio.
  • Photography and videography by Richard Miller, Sherry Zak Morris and Morguefile.
2011 All rights reserved. Individual Meditations written and narrated by each yoga teacher except where noted. Sound Recordings, 2011 Yoga Journey Productions -

Love Meditation

- by Kat Gregory, wife of FCCM Adam Gregory USN

Earth Connection Meditation

- by Jon Mize

Three Chamber Meditation

- by Lisette Hart

Protection Meditation

- by Wrena Mathews

Worry-free Meditation

- by Steph Zito

Brother Simple Meditation

- by Jessica Wilson

Happiness Meditation

- by Vicky Salcido

Pratyahara Relaxation Meditation

- by James Knight

Nurturing Meditation

- by James Knight

"The Eyes Have It" Meditation

- written by Roger Cole, narrated by Kat Gregory

"iRest At Ease" Meditation

- by Richard Miller

Progressive Relaxation Meditation

- by James Knight

Flower Chakra Meditation

- by James Knight

Three Om's

- by Chloe Gregory, 6-yr old daughter of Kat & Adam

Nature Walk Meditation

- by Paula Montalvo


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